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Benefits of having an IRCTC login

IRCTC or the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation is becoming more and more tech savvy with the passing time. This not only helps IRCTC to make sync with the present generation, but also helps it to serve the passengers in a much better way. Long gone are the days when you would have to stand in long queues at the railway station in order to book a ticket for your travel. Earlier people used to visit the railway station and stand in queues in order to book their ticket. The worst part is that when their chance came to book a ticket, there is always a probability that there would be no seats available at all. IRCTC has built a website equipped with modern features and an efficient code which helps passengers book their tickets from anywhere where they can access an internet connection.

When you open the website, you would see the IRCTC login page in front of you. Making an IRCTC login is very easy. In case you already have an IRCTC login, just enter your username and password and you are ready to avail the benefits of various features of available on the website. In case you do not have an IRCTC login, you can make one by clicking the signup option, filling a short form that comes in front of you and you would receive your password and username on the email ID you entered. Login to the email ID and activate your account.

Having an IRCTC login opens up a number of benefits for you. First of all, you don’t need to stand in a queue in order to have your ticket booked nor do you have to pay extra charges to a booking agent. You can use the website’s e-booking feature in order to book your ticket.  You can even use your IRCTC login in order to book Tatkal tickets which are very difficult to reserve. You would receive all the updates regarding schedule changes, train delays, train cancellations and route diversions. You would also be able to get the latest availability of seats using your IRCTC login and get the fare of the ticket you are planning to book.

IRCTC also has a loyalty program for its members where you can accrue loyalty points in your account and then redeem those points once you have a minimum of 500 points in your account. Each point is valued at Re. 1 and the points can be redeemed for cash discounts on booking AC II tier and higher class tickets. Members not only have the option of booking train tickets, but IRCTC has also introduced features to book hotels, cabs and flight tickets. You can also book a ticket in one of the tourist trains operated by the Indian Railways. Make your IRCTC login today in order to enjoy the various benefits offered by the website for its users.


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