IRCTC tatkal ticket booking trick

IRCTC tatkal ticket booking trick

Many Indian travellers travelling through trains have to book Tatkal tickets for emergency travel. Most Indian trains have a Tatkal reservation quota in which they charge a premium for booking tickets a day before the day of travel. Usually travellers have to book tickets well in advanced to ensure that the get a reserved ticket, but in case of an unplanned journey one has to book a Tatkal ticket. The problem with getting an IRCTC Tatkal ticket is that there are only a few tickets available in every train while the demand for these tickets is much more. While making a Tatkal reservation, the user has to go through a series of steps all of which consume time. The dynamics of making a Tatkal reservation are such that even if you waste a second, you may end up not getting a reserved ticket. There are a number of things that you can follow in order to ensure that you get a reserved IRCTC Tatkal ticket. Here are some IRCTC Tatkal booking tips for you:

  • Wake up early: Tatkal booking starts at 8AM in the morning. You need to be sitting right in front of the browser. Do not enter your login detail before 8AM as an IRCTC booking session lasts for a limited time and you may get a session expired error if you keep sitting with your login details entered. If you login and try to book a ticket before 8AM, you would still get an error stating that tickets can only be booked after 8AM. To avoid getting any such error, make sure that you are on the website before 8AM, but enter your login details as soon as the computer clock reaches 8AM.
  • Keep the station codes with you: Find the station code for your source station and destination station well before you sit down to book. When you enter the name of the station, the website offers suggestions for the station codes, however this feature slows down in the morning because of the traffic that the website experiences. Entering the station codes directly would save you some precious seconds.
  • Use a faster browser: Do not use internet explorer in any case. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the fastest internet browsers around. Use the one you are more comfortable with.
  • Use a faster internet connection: A slower internet connection would mean that pages would take time to load and as a result a user with a faster internet connection would make the payment before you do and get the ticket. Go to a friend’s house, neighbour’s place or a cyber cafe if you do not have a fast connection at your place, but you cannot afford to use a slow internet connection.

Warning: Some users try to open multiple browsers thinking that it would increase their chance of getting a Tatkal reservation. Do not do this mistake as open multiple pages would take some bandwidth and reduce your connection speed. Also, the IRCTC website does not allow multiple sign-ins, so you would be wasting your time trying to do so.

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