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IRCTC website Loging – A one stop shop

IRCTC is making every move it can in order to serve its customers in a more efficient and improved way. Since the past couple of years, IRCTC has been rolling out new services in order to catch up with changing times and to offer its customers with better services. Earlier customers with IRCTC login could book their train tickets, check seat availability and their PNR status through the IRCTC website. This meant that customers would no longer have to stand in long queues in order to get their hands on a reserved ticket and then dial the IRCTC toll free number in order to check the PNR status because all these services were made available on the IRCTC login site and were accessible by customer with an IRCTC login.

IRCTC still thought that the customers deserved better services and hence IRCTC made several moves in order to become a one stop shop for travel booking. In a move to offer a wider range of services to its customers, IRCTC collaborated with various airlines to offer airline bookings on the IRCTC login site. Now you can even book your flight tickets by visiting the IRCTC website.

Not only this, IRCTC also made it possible for its customers to make hotel booking via the IRCTC login page. IRCTC collaborated with hotels all over the country to bring great deals on hotel bookings. The best part is that hotel bookings on the IRCTC website are much cheaper as compared to the normal prices of a hotel booking.

IRCTC also allows its customers to book cabs through the IRCTC login page. If you choose to book a cab in any one of the major cities, you would be redirected to a new website from where you can book a cab in the city of your choice. Different classes of cabs are also available. Since you are booking a cab in advance, you will have to pay lesser than you would normally pay for a cab in the city.

IRCTC has hence introduced a plethora of services on its IRCTC login page. With its new services for its customers it has become a one stop shop for all your travel solutions. You can choose to travel through flight or train from one city to another and book a ticket on the website, you can even book a hotel for a stay in the city that you are visiting and hire a cab to take you from the railway station or airport to your hotel. Making your travel plans would become a cakewalk if you have an IRCTC login.

IRCTC even offers a number of tour packages on the IRCTC login page. All the moves that IRCTC has made in the past few years have been aimed at offering improved services to the customers. As time progresses, we would see the introduction of even better services. In case you do not have an IRCTC login, it is advisable to make one if you ant to enjoy the benefits of IRCTC services in the future.

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